Week Beginning 13th July

Well, after the strangest term ever we've finally come to the end!
I'd like to take this opportunity to thank you all so much for the lovely messages and pictures you've been sending in; we've loved them all.
It only remains for me to wish you a very happy and safe summer and I very much look forward to seeing you all in September.
All the best,
Mrs Lane  
*  Storytime  *
Three stories this week:
How Many Legs, the text for Reception Maths
Giraffes Can't Dance
Oi! Duck Billed Platypus
I've added them all to Instagram and there is a Storybook page for Giraffes Can't Dance.
*  Reception Phonics  *
We're revising our two final phonemes this week from Phase 3.
ur  (hurt)             ow  (now)
Below are the links to Mr Thorne and Geraldine and to the BBC Bitesize materials.
Phase 3 Tricky Words
I've also added a link to the Phase 3 common exception words. These are the words that are not phonically decodable at this phase and so have to be learned as sight words. The more familiar your child is with these words the more fluent they will become as they are less likely to try to sound and blend them.
*  Year 1 Phonics  *
This week we're revising all the phonemes we've learned as well as all the High Frequency (HF) and Common Exception Words (CEW) for all phases. 
It will be extremely beneficial if your child can recognise all the phonemes on the chart below, both as a stand alone sounds and when  a part of a word. The more you can practise and the more confident they become, the easier it will be for them next term.
I've also added resources for revising the first 100 High Frequency words and the tricky words (Common Exception Words that can't be read phonetically). It is very important that your child can immediately recognise these words. It is also important that your child can spell these words so I've added a resource in our cursive handwriting to help them practise. There's also a check sheet for you to record progress.
*  Reception Maths  *
This week's story is,  'How Many Legs?' by Kes Gray and Jim Field.
I'll add it below and it will be on Instagram, Stories with Mrs Lane.
Monday         Guess my rule and animal patterns
Tuesday        Sorting
Wednesday   Adding problems using 10 frames
Thursday      Subtraction problems using 10 frames
Friday           Solving word problems 
*  Year 1 Maths  *
This week is the second and final block on Fractions and Time. 
I've added the link to the White Rose site and to the BBC Bitesize materials.
Below are the worksheets to follow up the videos.