Science Week 2021

Welcome to Science Week in Class 2!
This week we are doing various science projects and experiments. We will be focussing on three different areas of science: medical, environmental and engineering. 
Be sure to have a look at the various challenges we face throughout the week!
Mr Taylor
Tuesday 9th:
Today we were medical scientists. We learned about what pathogens are and the role vaccines have in helping our immune system to fight them!
We played a game in threes. One person was the pathogen maker and there job was to try and spread the pathogens (blank jigsaw piece) as quickly as possible by drawing around the original and cutting out as many as they could. It was the job of the two others (the immune system) to find the connecting pieces of the jigsaw piece to irradiate the pathogen. During this task the immune system struggled to keep up with the pathogens as it took them a long time to find the connecting pieces. We realised this represents a new, unknown pathogen in science and why it can be difficult, at first, to contain it. 
After 15 minutes, we played the same game but because it was now a known pathogen for our immune system, so it meant the pathogen couldn't get a head start this time. In this second game, every immune system team won as the pathogen, with only one person cutting out the jigsaw pieces, couldn't get ahead of the immune system. This showed that when our body knew about the pathogen it was able to fit it off.
Everyone enjoyed the game and understood the importance that vaccines have in keeping us healthy and protected.
Wednesday 10th:
Today we were environmental scientist. We learned how the water cycle works and why it rains... and snows. 
We understood how  evaporation, condensation and precipitation work and how they contribute in the cycle of water. 
We used a glass jar with water, shaving cream and blue food colouring in order to show the clouds precipitating!
Friday 12th:
Finally this week, we became engineers. We had a problem to crack.... well not so much crack as protect!
Our challenge was to create a safe structure so that an egg would remain whole, even when dropped from a height.
In pairs, Class 2 had to design and make there egg protector using various everyday materials. The children used there prior knowledge of everyday materials to come up with a design that would cushion the impact of the egg hitting the floor. 
We started the experiment by dropping the eggs from a height of 1 metre. Then, round two was 2 metres. After this, we still had 3 eggs that hadn't cracked! Therefore, our final challenge was to drop the 3 remaining eggs from the first floor window! Unbelievably, we had 2 group's eggs still intact! Well done to The Egg Protectors and The Yokes!