School Council Minutes Autumn 2020

Meeting- Wednesday 2nd December
Save the children- Christmas Jumper day
Present: Nellie, Icarus, Ethan, Aimee, Erin and Lettie
Many thanks to Aimee for taking the minutes this week!
School council discussed final arrangements for the day and the activities they would like to organise as follows:
  • Class One and Two to hold a Christmas Karaoke competition. Certificates for the best group/ solo etc.
  • Aimee, Erin  and Lettie will make a 'Pin the star on the Christmas tree' for each class.
  • Icarus will be making a Christmas Quiz for Class 3, Erin for Class 2 and Ethan for Class 1.
  • To promote the day, Nellie has agreed to make posters with top tips on how to make your own Christmas sweater. These will also include the activities organised throughout the day.
We decided that no extra money will be needed on the day and that everyone can pay their £2 either online or donate money to school in an envelope. 
Great organisation team!
Minutes from Wednesday 18th November
Present: Erin Ethan Lettie Icarus Aimee Nellie and Mrs Mammatt
 Thank you to Lettie for taking the minutes this week!
Children in Need
The school raised a healthy £118.03 !!
We discussed how successful the day was, especially the games and colouring competition. 
School Council were really pleased with how much money was raised, especially as we were very restricted this year due to the COVID pandemic.
Christmas Jumper Day
Our charity for this event will be 'Save the Children' and it will take place on Friday December 11th.
We talked about how it would be better to pay online this year, so that there is less handling of money. The down side to this is that it is a minimum of £2 for 'Just giving'. We decided to let parents have the option to bring money in so that it could just be a donation or to give online.
We talked about how some people may not want to buy a Christmas jumper so School Council will make posters around the school with useful tips on how to decorate an plain jumper.
We decided on a slogan- Make the world better with a sweater.
Ideas so far for the day:
  • Pin the star on the tree.
  • Christmas Karaoke- 50p to enter in groups, pairs or on your own. Best song/ singer prize.
  • Christmas quiz- 10p to enter
  • Best Christmas card competition- 10p to enter

School Council minutes

Thursday 22nd October


Present: Mrs Mammatt  Aimee  Ethan  Lettie  Nellie  Icarus


Remembrance Day and selling poppies

School Council will sell the poppies by the entrance in the mornings as children come in.


Rota will be:

Starting the first week back after half term:


Mon- Icarus and Aimee  Tues- Lettie and Nellie   Wednesday- Erin and Ethan Thur- Icarus and Aimee  Fri- Lettie and Nellie and Mon- Erin and Ethan



 Children In Need


  • MUFTI- Spotty/ Yellow/ both or A Bear outfit for £1
  • Children to decorate biscuits during lunch the day before, and sell for 30p at break time on the Friday. They will wear gloves and masks to collect in the money.

Children to bring just 30p as there will only be one biscuit per person.



  • Nellie and Lettie to make x 3 Pin the Banana on Pudsey games. They have agreed to make these the first week back after half term during lunch time.
  • There will be a Pudsey colouring competition in each class. Prizes for each class.
  • Icarus, Aimee and Erin plan to make a video to share with all 3 classes about events taking place on the day. They will create this during lunch time, first week back.
  • Ethan is kindly making a letter/ poster with details of events during the day. This will be completed over half term and sent out via parent mail the Friday before Children in Need.


A very productive School Council meeting. Well done everyone!


                                                                Minutes from our first meeting                                         
Thursday 1st October
Present: Mrs Mammatt and all members from the team
Matters discussed:
1. Welcome and badges
Mrs Mammatt congratulated us on becoming members and awarded us our School Council badges.
We then had our photo taken for the website and notice board.
2. Values and Vision
We talked about what we stand for as a school council and what we would like to achieve this year in terms of how we can make Gulworthy School even better. Everyone put forward their ideas and after lots of discussion we decided on these shared values.
3. Devon Waste visit
Our Values and Vision
  • We will help to make a great school even better.
  • We are here to listen to pupils in school and treat everyone fairly so that each pupil has a voice.
  • We will raise awareness about local and global issues.
  • We will raise money for charities and people in need.
  • We will promote positive thinking and encourage everyone to look after their mental health through posters, leaflets and videos.
Devon Waste visit
Our afternoon with Alex from Devon Waste was very useful.
We talked about our findings and actions from the visit.
We were all surprised about the amount of rubbish that we found in the Forest School and around school generally.
Most of the rubbish that we found was plastic wrappings from crisps or chocolate bars.
We decided that quite a bit of the rubbish came from the road where the cars are parked. Either litter had been thrown and blown into Forest School or had been left whilst people wait during after school clubs.
We would like to raise awareness by making a video during our lunch break.
We will also contact Biffa to see how they can help our school to become even better at collecting and recycling waste.
A sponsored litter pick was also mentioned.
Our next meetings agenda will include amongst other topics:
  • Our 'Goals and Ambitions'
  • Assigned roles for each member.
  • Diary check and a looking ahead to events happening throughout the school year.....