It is a legal requirement that each school has a Designated Safeguarding Lead and in our school it is:

Mrs M Sterry ~ Head teacher

The designated person follows the guidance laid down in the South West Child Protection Procedures covering all aspects of child abuse, neglect and non- accidental injury. Mr Medland and Mr Taylor (Deputy Designated Safeguarding Leads) are also able to deal with issues of safeguarding and child protection in the absence of the Head teacher.

Our safeguarding Governor is Mrs Boyle.

The welfare, wellbeing and safety of our pupils are the main consideration of staff within the school. It is the school’s duty to report to Children’s Social Care any incidents or concerns to ensure the safety of pupils or share such information with other agencies. We trust that parents will see this as a positive course of action and not one meant to cause upset or difficulty for any family concerned.


Useful  information  can be found here. (Devon Children and Families Partnership website)