We use 'One Decision' to support the planning and teaching of RSE.

RSE is about the emotional, social and cultural development of pupils, and involves learning about relationships, sexual health, sexuality, healthy lifestyles, diversity and personal identity.

RSE involves a combination of sharing information, and exploring issues and values. 

RSE is taught within the personal, social, health and economic (PSHE) education curriculum. Biological aspects of RSE are taught within the science curriculum, and other aspects are included in religious education (RE).

Pupils also receive stand-alone sex education sessions.

Relationships education focuses on teaching the fundamental building blocks and characteristics of positive relationships including:

  • Families and people who care for me
  • Caring friendships
  • Respectful relationships
  • Online relationships
  • Being safe

Parents do not have the right to withdraw their children from relationships education. Parents have the right to withdraw their children from the [non-statutory/non-science] components of sex education within RSE.

This is how the subject is planned across the school year groups...
The Curriculum for RSE can be found by clicking here.
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