We’re hatching chicks

We are so excited! George, Robyn's Daddy, has brought in an incubator so that we can watch eggs hatch. 
The incubator (or, depending on who you are talking to, the eggubator, eggulator, inculator or egglebator), has a cradle which rocks the eggs gently from side to side. This is to mimic the mother hen turning her eggs. This is so that the chicks don't stick to the inside of their shells. The incubator keeps the eggs moist and at the right temperature.
When we came back from our Easter holidays, George and Robyn brought the incubator back for us. We were so excited because when we looked really closely we could see that one egg was starting to hatch! It wasn't long before our first chick was out. We watched all day as our chick became livelier and noisier. It was a very special day.
By Thursday we'd got two chicks!
Robyn made them a brilliant house so that we could see them really easily. We really loved all the decorations she put on it.
Now we've got eight. We love them.