Introduction for the week

Good morning Class 2.
I hope you had a great half-term and that you are well rested and ready to continue your home learning journey. It was great to see some of you before we broke up on our first zoom meeting together! You all had some fantastic ideas for what topics you wanted to learn about and I will schedule them in to our planning in due course. 
This week we were suppose to be going to Wembury beach to learn all about the seaside along with Class 1. For this reason, and the fact that a few of you said the seaside as a potential topic to learn about, I have created a weeks worth of learning where we will bring the seaside to us! 
I hope you enjoy this topic.
I will arrange our second zoom meeting for this coming Friday and you will get details within the next few days specifying times. One of the activities for this week is to create a pair of sunglasses (paper outline available on this weeks (other activities) where you draw your ideal holiday in the lenses. I thought it would be good if we all did this and we could wear them and share them during our zoom meeting. I will definitely be doing it! Please try and join the zoom meeting if you possibly can as it is great to see as many children as possible!
Have a lovely week and enjoy your learning.
Mr Taylor