W/B 6th July 2020 - Introduction, Maths and Literacy

Hello everyone and welcome to the penultimate week of the school year.
As we head towards of the end of year, we have been talking in school a bit about some of the events that we normally look forward to but haven't been able to do this year. People suggested things such as sports day, the year 6 leavers' service and the summer fair as examples of things they normally look forward to. Year 6 children who aren't currently in school, look out for a short questionaire this week with some things we hope to use in a short leaving service video. Also for everyone else, I've put some ideas below you could use to maybe hold your own miniature sports day at home.
See you soon,
Mr Medland
  • The egg and spoon race – a classic sports day event and one that every home has the equipment for, but don’t forget to hard-boil your eggs, you don’t want egg yolk all over your lovely lawn!
  • The sack race - you can get sacks or cloth bags cheaply from your local builders’ merchants or even from a fruit and vegetable shop for free
  • Running race - set up a track that goes around your garden or create a straight sprint track
  • The three-legged race - use some old ties lying around the house or even scarves that have been stored away for winter to tie legs together – easy!
  • An obstacle course – the perfect event to use your imagination! The course can be made up of anything, from jumping over household items or crawling under duvets, to doing cartwheels or walking with a beanbag on your head – the possibilities are endless
The activities for this week are based around patterns. You are asked to use your understanding of shape and number patterns. 
Year 3/4 Patterns Week - Click Here
Year 5/6 Patterns Week - Click Here
We have been doing these activities from Babcock LDP in our school maths lessons and have found they give lots of opportunities to discuss what we have noticed, 
The literacy task this week focuses on coming up with believable definitions for nonsense words and then using them to write a short paragraph.
If you like nonsense words, you might also like nonsense poems. This one is a famous one by Spike Milligan.