W/B June 29th 2020 - Introduction and Weekly Literacy and Maths

The video below is an animated version of the Michael Foreman book 'War Game'. We're going to be watching it in school to help us understand what it might have been like to go to war. It is around 30 minutes long and worth a watch if you have time!
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'Look around you. What objects do you have at home that might interest people in the next century, visitors to a museum 5,000 years from now, or an alien holidaying on Earth..? Write a series of information cards to caption the objects you choose to display.'
This task can be done using objects around the home or garden. Remember to send us your ideas at admin@gulworthy-primary.devon.sch.uk so we can see what artefacts you have uncovered.
This week's maths task is on the theme of balancing numbers. You can find the download for your year group below. When we've been doing these tasks in school we have been spreading them over 3 or 4 days.