Week beginning 20th April

Peetah has been busy designing her own sweet treat using one of the tasks from Class 3 home learning. Intriguingly, it turns the person that eats it into a dragon and rather deliciously is topped with vanilla frosting! Well done Peetah. 
Ollie's finger painting after listening to 'Spinderella'.
He's got Spinderella spiders, flies, eggs and a king spider in the middle!
Well done Archie.R. for writing a brilliant story called 'Cat Biscuit Island'. I enjoyed reading it very much and particularly liked the bits where the island turned out to be flavoured and where Moog decided to eat 100 eggs a day! Archie has had the foresight to copyright his work so I've just added an excerpt from it above which I hope doesn't fall foul of copyright laws! - Mr Medland
Daniel has been busy completing one of the Class 3 home learning tasks and has been advertising his reading den. Well done Daniel!