Useful Web Site links and downloads

Please find below a list of useful websites for home learning.

These weekly free home learning packs are available for each year group and contain a mixture of literacy and maths activities for the week.

An activity booklet suitable for KS2 pupils. 

TTS have made an activity booklet covering a variety of subjects. You can also download the answers from the above link.

Children can register for a free account to have a go at some home learning activities. You can pick ones that do not require a microbit and use the on-screen simulator 

A new product from the same makers as Times Table Rockstars. The children's passwords and usernames from TT should work. At this stage I am unable to skip children through levels to get to the age appropriate point so everyone starts at a very basic level. It may however provide some light relief.

Practise your tables every day. Join in competitions with your classmates.

School name: Gulworthy



This is the BBC’s archived website.  There are lots of great resources listed to investigate.

Super website to learn and practice objectives from the National Curriculum.

Super geography website to explore our world.

Practise your French at home. 

 A variety of videos to promote the learning of a whole variety of subjects through activity.