Science Week 2021

Monday - Yeast 
We made a prediction about what would happen if we mixed yeast, sugar and warm water. We put them in a bottle and placed a balloon over the top. Almost instantly, the balloon began to inflate. We then left it for 10 minutes while we watched some microscope footage of the yeast at work!
We discussed how the yeast are microbes and that they were eating the sugar. As do this, they produce carbon dioxide which starts to inflate the balloon.
Tuesday - Zoom in Zoom Out
Today we made predictions and thought about our reasons for them. We looked at this zoomed in picture and then gradually zoomed out until we could see what it was. At each stage we reassessed our prediction.
Wednesday - Robo Insects
Today we thought about how different creatures are adapted to either their environment or for a different role they serve.  We designed our own robo-insects that had to be adapted to meet certain challenges for their role (e.g. search and rescuer).
Thursday - Immunity Jenga
We learnt about herd immunity and why vaccination is important in stopping the spread of diseases. Mr Morris helped us learn about this through the medium of Jenga!
Friday - Low Frequency Sounds
We experimented with volume and bass to see what impact they had on our pieces of tissue paper. We positioned a speaker next to a bowl overed in taut cling film and then placed pieces of tissue paper on top of the cling film. We then turned the volume up to see what happened, replaced the tissue paper and then altered the strength of the bass.We all made predictions and observations of what we had noticed.