school council minutes 2021/22

School council minutes 28.9.21
Present: Mrs Mammatt, Joshua, Belle, Robyn, Evelyn, Ollie, Evie
  • Welcome and badges
  • Expectations of school council
  • Vision and aims
We all decided to spend the week thinking about what we would like our schools visions and aims to be. We will then collect all of our ideas and share them with the school shortly.
One area that the children would really like to focus on in our school is to improve our library and to use it more frequently. There were lots of suggestions such as having a mufti day or having a book sale to raise money for seating, decoration, shelving and more books.
  • School Council Minutes 12.10.21
    Present: Mrs Mammatt Joshua, Belle, Evelyn, Robyn, Ollie and Evie
    After lots of discussion we are pleased to announce our new aims for this academic year,
    Our Values and Vision
    • We are proud of our school and comitted to keeping it a caring, exciting, hard working and safe place to learn. 
    • We are here to listen to pupils in school and treat everyone fairly so that each pupil has a voice.
    • We will raise awareness about local and global issues.
    • We will raise money for charities and people in need.
    • We will promote positive thinking and encourage everyone to look after their mental health.
    • We will promote equality for all no matter what their gender, age or ethnicity. 
    Charities we support
    The charities that we are keen to support this year are:
    Save the children and our local food bank. We have yet to decide on a world wide charity so watch this space!
    School council voice box
    All our school council members have agreed to make a box for their class so that pupils can write their suggestions to be discussed at our regular meetings. School council will explain how it works to the children in our next assembly,