Remembrance Day

We have been learning about Remembrance Day; what it is and why we hold it each year. In our history lessons we have learned about the two Great Wars and the huge sacrifice made by so many people. We researched why we use a poppy as the symbol for Remembrance Day and discovered that it is because a Canadian soldier called, John McCrea, wrote a poem called In Flanders Fields in which he wrote about the poppies that grew amongst the crosses on the graves. We were surprised to learn that it only took him twenty minutes to write!
Louise and her Mummy have been busy again and have made us a very special wreath to lay at our war memorial today. We took it with us and laid it with the others then read all the names out of the soldiers from our parish who had died in the war. At 11:00 o'clock we were silent for two minutes while we thought about all the men and women who have died or been hurt in wars.
We were really pleased to see that Viv had laid the very special wreath that all Gulworthy children helped to make. It is made of 100 poppies and marks 100 years of Remembrance.
Louise's wreath is the green one with the knitted poppies.