PE at Gulworthy is taught through a broad and balanced curriculum where skills are learnt and then developed through a range of sports and opportunities. The school uses a clear progression in order to ensure that children develop from one year to the next through high quality sports provision.


We use a mixture of quality teaching from staff within the school as well as bringing in expert coaches for certain areas in order increase variety for the children and to allow staff to develop their own pedagogy in less familiar disciplines e.g. lacrosse or ultimate frisbee. We also take advantage of fantastic local facilities such as Mount Kelly Pool and The Barn Climbing centre in order to provide exciting provision for all.


As a member of OCRA we also participate in a number of competitive and whole school events in a variety of disciplines. This gives opportunities both within the curriculum (e.g. multi skills events and sports tournaments) and for extra-curricular activities such as our participation in the local cross-country series.


Throughout our lessons we encourage children to set personal goals for themselves and strive to beat their best. This helps children to build confidence in their own abilities and to recognise their own achievements.

We have mapped out a progression of skills across the school year groups...
The National Curriculum for P.E. can be found by clicking here.
Here is our school policy...