London Visit

19th November 2015
What a fabulous day in London. Class 3, you were a pleasure to take.
We started the day visiting the House of Commons. We were lucky enough to see the House of Lords and the House of Commons. We sat in and listened to some of the debates. Ed Miliband was there, he was debating in the Commons. We had great tour guides who knew so much about the hisory of the building. We also had a workshop where we had our own General Election. We even had to write our own manifestos!
Next stop was the Tower of London. We started by visiting the Crown Jewels. The Crown Jewels are part of the precious and religious objects used in the English coronation ceremony. They have been kept at the Tower since the middle ages. We loved the Imperial State Crown which is set with 2868 diamonds!
We then went onto the White Tower. This is the oldest part of the Tower. William of Normandy built it soon after he conquered England at the battle of Hastings. He used it to protect himself and show he was the boss! We loved the suits of armour.
We also had time to see the Bloody Tower (which is famous for the mystery of the two princes) and Tower Green (where two of Henry 8ths wives were killed) and Traitors gate (where prisoners arrived at the Tower).