On this page, you will find a selection of links to websites that are are offering full schemes of learning for if you wish to follow a structured daily scheme. They are organised by subject
We use the White Rose scheme of mathematics in school and therefore would reccomend their home learning resources if you want to take a structured approach to maths at home. Each lesson has a video and a sheet. Many of the questions could be answered on paper without needing to print.
As a word of caution, the worksheets they are providing are the same ones used in school and therefore some equipment we we would ordinarily use to support this approach to mathematics may not commonly be found in the home e.g. bead strings.
Please find the links below to two places offering literacy resources that could be followed week by week. My personal preference is the Babcock Learning Development Partnership resources as they are less reliant on heavy levels of printing!
Babcock LDP Literacy
Hamilton Trust Literacy
Saints Southwest have delivered provision in school (ultimate frisbee) previously and have created this helpful booklet for strucutured exercise that could be performed in the home.