Role: Name:
Local authority governor
Sarah Currell
Parent governors
Simon Hunter
Sarah Gleadall
Co-opted governors
Hilary Marks
Nick Henderson (Chair)
Deborah Bevan
Beverley Edgar
Sarah Boyle
James Steer
Staff governor
Tamsin Mammatt
Head teacher
Melody Sterry
Foundation Governors
Annie Jefferies (Vice Chair)
Barbara Meikle
Clerk to Governors
Sally Ruth

Please use the school address for all correspondence to the Chair of Governors or Clerk to the Governors.


Curriculum: Tamsin Mammatt, Deborah Bevan, Sarah Boyle, James Steer, Hilary Marks (Chair), Melody Sterry.
Resources: Annie Jefferies, Simon Hunter, Sarah Currell, Beverley Edgar, Sarah Gleadall, Nick Henderson, Melody Sterry.
Ethos Group: Barbara Meikle, Annie Jefferies (Chair), Margaret Green, Rev Atkins, Melody Sterry.