Google Classroom - Home Learning Help

Google Classroom - Home Learning Help
In the event that your child needs to use Google Classroom, they will be able to logon using the same password and username ( that they use regularly in school lessons.
You can get into Google Classroom by visiting:
In some cases you may need to sign out of an existing family gmail account in order to access the Google Classroom linked to your school account. In some browsers such as Chrome you can have more than one account signed in at a time and will therefore need to select the correct account.
Frequently Asked Questions
Do I need to have a school device for my child to sign into their school account and use Google Classroom?
No - Google Classroom can be accessed through any laptop, desktop, tablet or mobile device using a web browser e.g. Chrome, Edge or Safari. Your child's school login can also be used to sign in to Google Classroom through a web browser by visiting
Can work be submitted for the teacher to look at?
Yes - when an assignment is set on Google Classroom you have a variety of options to attach documents and photographs when 'turning in' the assignment.
Why does the work say 'resubmit' once the teacher has checked it; I have already submitted it?
Most of the time this button can be ignored as it simply allows you to send the same piece of work again. It will appear when ever a piece of worked has been checked and returned. However, on some occasions, for example in a piece of extended writing, I might check your piece of work and make some suggestions for you to improve. You would use the resubmit to return the work after you have improved it.
We don't have a printer. How can we completed home learning that uses printed sheets? Here are some ideas that you could consider - 
  •  For many tasks, sheets can be viewed on the screen rather than printed. This will allow answers or work to be written onto paper.
  • For maths worksheet tasks, the sheet could be viewed on screen with workings out and answers written down on paper along with the question numbers e.g. 1.a) 246      1.b) 344. Occasionally it might be impractical to do this for a question or part of a question.
  • For some tasks, sheets could be viewed in one tab on screen while work is typed in a docs/slides file in another tab on screen to be submitted.
My child has completed their maths work on paper and marked it. How will you know they have completed it?
You can indicate that work has been completed within Google Classroom by clicking 'Mark as done' when 'turning in' the assignment. A private message can also be left here by you or your child to update me e.g. 'I did the first 6 questions really well but found question 7 a lot harder'.
Work can also be submitted by attaching a photograph when 'turning in' the assignment.
Is evidence needed to prove that every task has been completed?
No - for some tasks it may not be necessary(e.g. tables, reading, spellings) or practical(e.g. PE) to submit evidence of completed work. In these tasks 'mark as done' can be clicked and a private comment can be left if desired.
Mark as done can also be used in the event that you are able to view work but unable to submit work such as photographs or files for technology reasons.
Can the teacher comment on work?
Yes - The private message function linked to each assignment allow us to do this. When your work is 'graded' the teacher can comment via private message which can be viewed by opening this assignment. Students can also comment using this function.
What does 'graded' mean?
This is the term used by Google Classroom that indicates that a piece of work has been checked by the teacher. When a piece of work is graded this may sometimes be accompanied by a score. Please note that these scores do not go towards any end of year or statutory assessments.
What is an assignment?
This is the name given to an activity or task set by the teacher to be completed.
What are class comments and private comments?
Private comments can only be seen by staff members and an individual student. A class comment can be seen by everyone, including other students.
What will happen if class comments are misused by a student?
A student or students can be muted if necessary which restricts them to private comments only.
How can the teacher be contacted or asked a question?
Private comments can be used to contact the teacher within each task set on Google Classroom. Please note that we won't be able to respond to these in real time but will endeavour to when in-school teaching commitments allow. can be used as usual to contact the school.
Please note that the 'People' link in Google Classroom should not be used to contact school or the teacher as the addresses that this links to do not recieve emails: your email will look like it has sent but will not go anywhere to be viewed by the school.