Fairy-tale Theatre

Over the course of the last two weeks, Class 2 have been looking at Ratpunzel, an adaptation of the fairy-tale Rupunzel. In order to understand this fairy-tale in more detail, we decided to act out our own adaptations of Rapunzel through the medium of puppetry. All the children have helped with all aspects of this production including creating the backdrops, puppets, storylines and speech. Enjoy!
Rapunzel: By Owen, Chloe, Adorjan and Casey.
Deerpunzel: By Seren, Alexa, Belle and Bryn.
Foxypunzel: By Charlie, Ellie, Bridie, Aidan and Ethan.
Cheetahpunzel: By Lexi, Violette, Alice and Toby
Chipunzel: By Ariana, Fayre, Evelyn and Jacob