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April 2018
Mrs Sterry asked us to think of some questions to ask during the teacher interviews. We thought really carefully about what makes a good teacher and came up with lots of really good questions.
The following week, we had a run through of asking our questions in the staff room where the interviews will take place.
March 2018
In our recent meeting we researched new PE and sports equipment that we would like for school. We thought carefully about what things need replacing and some new things we think everyone would enjoy using.
March 2018 - Energy Assembly
We have been preparing an assembly helping the school understand how we can save energy. We have prepared a video and researched facts to present. After Easter we'll be sharing it with everyone else.
In this week's meeting we discussed energy usage at the school and ways we could help persuade people to save energy in school. We also voted and nominated Charles as Chairperson and Alfie as Vice-Chair.
On Friday 17 November Gulworthy Primary School raised £78.80 for children in need day.Some people gave money to guess how many sweets were in the jar and other people gave money to dress up. We would like to thank everyone who paid to help raise money for children in need.
By Charles and Kane
10/11/2017 - Nine School council representatives have been elected with elections being held this week.
Upcoming Meetings - All 3:15pm - 4pm

Friday 11th May