Buckland Abbey art day

11th June 2015
Today we launched the 'Moorland Schools Partnership', which is the name of a group of local schools, who have come together to work on local projects. The M.S.P. group includes Lamerton, Gulworthy, St Andrews, Bickleigh Down, Mary Tavy and Milton Abbot. Children enjoyed a Gifted and Talented art day, which included three art worshops. Staff met for a cream tea and began planning exciting projects for the year ahead.
Workshop 1-Rembrandt
We were lucky enough to see Rembrant's self portrait 'Wearing a White Feathered Bonnet'. This was painted in 1635 and was only discovered recently as an actual Rembrant! It was previously thought to have been painted by one of his students. It was x-rayed and paint was analysed to decide it's authenticity. It is now worth £30 million!! Rembrant's most famous painting is called 'The Nightwatch'. Rembrant painted over 50 self portraits and they are all very valuable. Sadly, he died a pauper!. We had a go at painting our own self portraits. 
Workshop 2-'Magical Dwellings'
Naomi led a group using natural materials to make a 'magical dwelling'. We enjoyed using our imaginations to make some quite wonderful creations.
To find out more about Naomi visit her website at www.naturemake.co.uk
Workshop 3-Den building
We had to work as a team to create our own dens in the grounds of Buckland Abbey. Thank you to St Andrews staff for helping us. 
A big thank you to Mrs Schofield from At Andrews, who did a great job organising today. We really enjoyed ouelves.