Monday 4th May 2020

Literacy - Week 7 - Message in a bottle
The latest Babcock literacy weekly task is all about writing a message in a bottle. Remember that this task is designed to split over three or four days so don't try to do it all at once. You can download the PDF file for this task by clicking the link below.
Remember to download and learn your new spellings. We are now on week 25. 
Maths - Dice Week
This week's maths resources from our local education authority Babcock LDP are all dice related! Maybe you could borrow some from board games(make sure you put them back afterwards) or have some in a drawer from Christmas crackers.
PSHE - Money Sense
Natwest have made this activity which help you make sense of money and things related to money e.g. banks statements and bills. There is a learning plan with timings, a powerpoint with explanations and an activity sheet.
Class 3 Zoom - Part two
Last week seemed to go very well and we managed to get lots of us logged on at once! I'll be online again this week on Thursday 7th May at 11:15am if there are people interested. Like last week, I will put the login details of the Zoom on this website just before at around 11:05am. If you are interested: get permission, fill out the form below and make sure you choose what format you would like the meeting to take!
On Wednesday morning I will put a section on that day's page announcing which meeting format has the most votes e.g. quiz, show and tell.
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