Monday 11th May 2020

Good Morning,
I hope you are all well. It was lovely to see some of your for Show and Tell on Thursday.
The weather has been beautiful over the weekend hasn't it! It was lovely to watch some programmes on TV about VE day and to remember this ever so important event. I suspect one day in the future we might be explaining the current lockdown situation to future generations and trying to explain to them what it felt like being asked to stay in all the time. Maybe you could write a letter to yourself explaining how you feel and keep it safe to look back on many years later.
Anyway, I hope you find some useful ideas on this website to use throughout the week. All of the previous ideas are listed under the class 3 home learning tab too with 'archive' written before them.
Mr Medland
This week's maths theme is money. There is one activity for each day that builds on the previous one.
Literacy have made these short booklets with four activities that you could have a go at. Remember to save ink by switching to print in black and white or greyscale as all of the colour is simply background decorations.
Fantasy Duck
Famous ducks include: Donald, Daffy and Scrooge McDuck but have you ever imagined what ducks would look like if you were in charge of designing them? Have a go at this fantasy duck creation activity and learn a few facts about ducks at the same time. Remember to name your duck.
Remember you can send your fantasy ducks to if you want them displayed on the website.