Monday 27th April 2020

Art - Frottage Patchwork
This fun art activity just requires a pencil and some paper. You use them to explore different textures and make rubbings of them. Remember to pause the video of the lesson to give yourself time to complete the activities. 
The Babcock Maths team have made a week's worth of activities on number pyramids. You can download those below to try and also click on the link to access previous work they have uploaded such as calculator week.
If you have been using the White Rose resources you can continue to find them at:
1.The BBC have made a bank of daily lessons ( for different subjects that are organised by year group. For today I have picked out one suitable for each year group. Each lessons features a video, a worksheet downloaded from Twinkl and a quiz of some kind!
Year 4 - Expanded Noun Phrases - Click here
Year 5 - Expanded Noun Phrases - Click Here
Year 6 - Modal Verbs - Verbs and Modal Verbs
2. Remember to download your new spellings and practise them. We are on Week 24.
Would you like to take part in a live Zoom quiz with other Class 3 children and Mr Medland?
Make sure you get an adult's permission and then ask them to submit the form below with you. It can be found by scrolling to the bottom of this page.
Update - We already have a few people signed up so we'll go ahead on Friday at 11:30am as planned.
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