23.03.20 - Monday

Hello Class 3,
Welcome to your first full week of home learning. You will find something new each day on this site that you might like to do at home. You will also find lots of ideas under the useful links section. Don't forget to look at previous days for ideas you may have missed! Maybe you could make yourself a timetable so you know which parts of the day you plan to do some school work.
Remember to continue trying to learn your spellings and times tables. Also, continue with your reading.
For this week, I have added downloads to the Hamilton Trust Literacy Home Learning plans. For future weeks, I will add a link to the useful links section within home learning so you can access them if you wish.
Mr Medland
New activities added - Please find all links/downloads below.
Literacy - Day 1 of a week of linked literacy activities provided by Hamilton Trust. If you have more than one child within the year 4-6 range you might like to pick one of the years group's activities for both children to focus on. You can download the whole week of activities for the year groups below and then maybe pick and choose a few activities as they are quite lengthly.
Home learning timetable -  Have you thought about when you will spend time learning during the day? You could print off the timetable and fill it in, fill it in on your computer or make your own. 
Computing Toodlebit - Sign yourself up for a free account and have a go at some of the units which don't require the toodlebit. You can do most of the activities use the lesson resources, including videos, and then test your work on the simulator.
Numbots Weblink - 


A new product from the same makers as Times Table Rockstars. The children's passwords and usernames from TT should work. At this stage I am unable to skip children through levels to get to the age appropriate point so everyone starts at a very basic level. It may however provide some light relief.