Monday 20th April 2020

Computing - Can you create your own platform game? Think about these points when designing your game to help you test and evaluate it,
a) Is my game fun?
b) Is my game challenging but still possible?
c) Does my game have variety?
d) Would you need to play the game more than once to be able to complete it?
Tips -
  • When using this myself to test it out I found that Arcade Creator was the most straightforward to use followed by Platform creator.
  • You will need to enable flash (this can usually be done by clicking on the jigsaw piece).
  •  - This video has lots of tips to show you how to begin using the Retro Arcade mode.
I will add the week's main daily activities for the remainder of the week from Babcock tomorrow.
For today I have added a reading comprehension activity from Twinkl about Captain Tom Moore. I think we have all been impressed with his efforts to raise money and spirits this week! 
1. Maths calculation game
In this game you can change the settings to use a full range of different calculations. For today, select Addition and then select your year group from the options at the bottom of the screen.
2.We recommend following the White Rose Maths Hub scheme for home learning if you wish to complete a daily maths lesson at home.
Remember to download and practise your new spellings from the Class 3 learning section. This week it is week 23.