Monday 18th May 2020

Zoom Meetups
A parentmail has been sent with details of the Zoom meetups for each year group this morning (Monday). Year 4 at 11:30, Year 5 at 12:00 and Year 6 at 12:30. It would be lovely to see you if you can make it.
Literacy - Charlotte's Web
You can find lots of ideas to do with Charlottes web the story and spiders in general by following this link. If you've never read Charlotte's web, the film is available free to watch on youtube. Click on the youtube button within the video below to watch. I've seen it lots of times because when I was at Primary school we used to watch it every year before the summer holidays; I think it might have been the only video the school owned!
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This game helps you to practise multiplication. In order to make this easier to play at home you could draw the triangle towers instead of printing. You could also use number cards instead of a 7-12 dice or make a list so that you know that on your second dice 1 = 7 , 2 = 8, 3 = 9, 4 = 10, 5 = 11, 6 = 12.
Art - Optical illusions and using form
Optical illusions can be interesting to look at and often different people find that they see different things; is the picture above still for you or can you see it ripple? The art activity below allows you to consider how to draw optical illusions while thinking about form(the element of art which is 3-dimensional) .
Devon Virtual School Games
You can find out more about the Devon Virtual school games by visiting this link.
To take part in this competition adult permission is required and details of how to enter and the terms and conditions can be found by clicking here 
This week's challenge
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