Monday 13th April

Please find some activities below that could be completed as a part of home learning. Remember to also: continue learning your spellings, do some daily reading and practise your tables.
Today's Learning
Spelling Activities
1. Use a dictionary(book or online) to find out the meanings of words in your spellings. Pick some that you are less sure of.
2. Write a sentence containing each of your spellings that demonstrates you know what it means.
3. Construct  your own look, say, cover, write, check sheet to fill in later in the week. You could make a version of the download below or print it out.
RE - Easter Eggs
Watch the video at for a brief recap about Easter.
1. Do some research about the Easter Eggs and why they are given at Easter. 
2. Answer the questions sheet using your findings and by doing some extra research.
Computing - Easter
Use your programming skills to program the bunny to collect all of the eggs. Thank you to i-compute for providing this free resource.  Download the task card and upload scratch .sb3 filebinto scratch at by clicking on 'load from my computer' just like we do in school.
The further download below is a solution version which could be used if you get stuck or have an adult helping you.